We are all about handmade and Moonstar has been handcrafting shoes in Kurume, a Japanese city known for its leading work in the rubber manufacturing industry, since 1873.

The hallmark of Moonstar is vulcanizing, or ka-ryu in Japanese; a process performed by only a select handful of shoe manufacturers around the world. In the ka-ryu process, each shoe is fired in a kiln which causes the sulfur mixed inside the raw rubber to chemically react, returning the rubber to its natural elasticity and creating a soft, flexible, and durable upper feature and sole.

The Alweather is a vulcanized rubber and canvas sneaker designed to be worn in rainy, snowy, and muddy conditions. We encourage jumping in puddles in these.


Durable, comfortable, and super cool. These canvas and rubber sneakers are handmade and baked in the kiln in the Kurume factory in Japan.

Textile upper. Rubber sole.


UK sizes. Unisex. Fit true to size. Quite a wide last. Choose your regular size.